Web Application Development.
EmberJS, PHP (Laravel & Kohana) and mySQL
EmberJS, Laravel, Kohana, PHP Development

JackEllisWeb has over 10 years of passionate experience with the web. We develop websites & web applications for businesses of all sizes. We have a great understanding of business & marketing and always focus on the why behind what we're doing.

For server side development, we use Laravel alongside various data stores (e.g. mySQL), and for client side development we use jQuery or EmberJS. There is no PHP application out there that we cannot understand & work with, and we were programming complex PHP applications before frameworks such as Laravel & Kohana existed.

We do build websites but our main focus is web application development. Our experience includes (but is not limited to):

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
  • Bespoke Law Firm Software
  • Forum Software
  • Club Membership Website (with various payment gateways)
  • Social Media Management Software (for growth & audience insight)
  • Advanced Web Crawling Software
  • Taxi Booking System
  • Contributing to Kohana Framework's code base
  • Health & Fitness Application - included food tracking, revolutionary diet plan designer, exercise tracking, measurement tracking, diet plan sharing and 500,000+ food database

And more.

In addition, we also work with Drupal & Wordpress when the occasion is right (e.g. a website). Different tools for different tasks! We have over 5 years experience with both of these tools. When you come to us for a bespoke web application, we will always evaluate your business needs and ensure we use the best software stack for the job.

We're always open to hearing project ideas!

Want to discuss your project? Email us at [email protected]